CLARA ANN DEHUTT is a swiss visual artist, born in Basel (CH) in 1986.
Trained at Geneva’s University of Art & Design and New York’s School of Visual Arts, she moved to Berlin after her diploma (BA in visual communication) in 2012. She specialized in print editorial design, especially in the cultural field, thanks to various professional experiences in Berlin and Basel.
Besides graphic design, she has a passion for vintage furnishing. She loves to thrift and restores furniture from the 50’s to the 80’s in order to give them a second life.
She uses the technique of collage to give materiality to deep emotions, aiming to transform them into visual poems.
She lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.

    – Mean Machine, Sion–CH (painting), 2006
    – Oblomov, Berlin–D (collage), 2019
    – La Cité Printemps, Geneva–CH (painting), 2008
    – Haze Gallery, Berlin–D (collage), 2020




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